Call for submissions:

New York City is an incomparable beauty yet brimming with brokenness. It’s also a city of extremes: of joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty, exhilaration and exhaustion. Life here is costly. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and--especially--spiritually, everyday drains a little bit of us. As women of faith in New York City, how does our hope in Christ define the ways we relate here? How can we be present in the tensions of the raw now and the ultimate future? And how do we reconcile our angst in a way that allows us to serve our city?

We invite local female artists to submit 1 - 4 pieces digitally that reflect this theme of the Biblical hope. More details below:

WHO: Female artists based in or near New York City    

WHAT: Submission of 1 - 4 pieces that must be 2D or small sculptures that can hang. Hope Gathering is unable to accommodate 3D, installations, new media etc. 

WHEN: Submissions are due in digital form to by January 6, 2017. Selected artworks/artists will be notified by January 19, 2017. Must be available to display in exhibit from March 2 to April 9, and deliver art work on February 23, 24, or 27. Please do not submit if unable to comply with these requirements. 

WHERE: The Gallery at W83 Ministry Center, 150 W 83rd St NY, NY 10024