Tatiana Mahoney

Tatiana Mahoney’s first introduction to Operation Exodus was in 1994, when she began serving as a mentor. At the time, she was working as a research assistant for Cronkite-Ward, a documentary production company. Later, she worked at CBS News, and then as an editor at Parents.com, which is where she learned to be a portal for relevant information for parents looking to improve their parenting skills.

The position of Parent Coordinator at Exodus came at an opportune time, when Tatiana had to leave her job to care for her mother, who was battling cancer. After her mother passed away, Tatiana felt the best way to honor her legacy, which included her passion for education, was to continue at Exodus, and it became a true calling.

Tatiana works hard to ensure that every family gets support based on the family’s needs, helping parents feel “empowered,” to become positive role models at home, and strong advocates for their children within the school system.

Hope Amid Fear

Dimetra Barrios was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Despite the challenges of the urban community she faced in her younger years, Dimetra was dedicated to staying in her home town of Brooklyn in order to witness the power of God move to provide change and hope. In the past, she worked for the Dodge YMCA, where she led an after school program, dance classes, and a gym class for high school students. Having a passion for understanding relationships and theology, Dimetra studied at Liberty University in the area of Psychology, Christian Counseling and Biblical Studies.

Currently, Dimetra is the Family Ministries Pastor at Trinity Grace Church Crown Heights, which is a multi-ethnic church parish in Brooklyn. She is also the co-director of the Crown Heights Summer Arts Camp. She and her husband have two children and they are looking forward to how God is going to continue to use them, as a family, to serve their community.