Ina Kumi

Ina is the Vice President of Graduate Programs at Great Hearts America, where she has devoted 90 percent of her time in designing and managing graduate programs for classical education teachers. In this role she has been able to start a Masters of Humanities in Classical Education with the University of Dallas. She is now in the process of launching a few more classical education graduate degrees with other distinguished universities. This work is informed by her love for the liberal arts and the vocation of teaching.

Prior to joining Great Hearts, Ina worked for ten years at the King’s College, NYC, where she held the position of Associate Vice President of Academic Administration. During this time she taught in the business program and helped the college to grow in fulfillment of its mission to raise Christian young men and women that have a vision for New York as the place where culture is realized and advanced, and where Christians need to engage in order to inluence the world. 

Ina is a native of Albania. She lived almost half her life under the tyranny of the communist regime behind the iron curtain. This was a time that marked her life-long interest for international politics, economics, philosophy, education, and the church. She came to the Lord in 1991 when Albania was finally open to the Gospel after an isolating dark period of 50 years. Her testimony was aired in the documentary “New Song for Albania”, and inspired a move of young missionaries to Eastern Europe, which had remained closed to the Gospel of the Kingdom for more than half a century. 

Ina and her husband are raising their three daughters in Roosevelt Island, New York, where they love to hang together with neighbors and church friends, especially in the summer time.